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Who are we?

We are developers of a hardware-software complex NeuraKinesis that is aimed at improving the social adaptation of people with mobility impairments through the implementation of an innovative method of sensorineural reprogramming in a spatial orientation control system and VR technologies.

Our solution

  • Proprietary technique of sensorineural reprogramming
  • VR environment during rehabilitation
  • 35 Personal Rehabilitation Programs
  • 30 Training Exercises
  • 20 Training Modes
  • 8 Rehabilitation Techniques

The NeuraKinetiks project focuses on developing VR-associated software for rehabilitation and quick recovery of patients after strokes or injuries. The method is based on the concept of biofeedback, specifically neural biofeedback.

In the case of brain damage or immobilization due to injury, there is a disruption of neural modulation pathways, which leads to dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system, motor skills, and positional abilities. Restoring the mechanisms of neural biofeedback directly affects the recovery timeframe and rehabilitation duration.

The NeuraKinesis project is built upon the CleverPoint technology, which is a VR-integrated wearable technology. CleverPoint collects and analyzes the user's physiological responses (such as electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, heart rate) while engaging with VR content. Through the VR application, this technology allows for the identification and recording of key physiological reactions in response to specific tasks.

Our advantages

We have several advantages that make us leaders in the field of rehabilitation, leading to the best possible outcomes for our patients. Those are:

Using the latest technologies
We combine virtual reality (VR) with our innovative sensorineural reprogramming method in the spatial orientation control system to drastically improve outcomes for our patients.
Simple and friendly UI
We have created for you a convenient mobile application that will allow you to control the process from any Android device.
High efficiency
The NeuraKinesis simulator significantly lowers the expense of robotic rehabilitation for each patient, reducing it by at least 5 times.
No need in extra equipment
NeuraKinesis eliminates the need for multiple separate hardware and software systems. That results in cost savings for medical institutions when acquiring additional rehabilitation equipment.
Highly-motivated staff and patients
The complete automation of the rehabilitation process with NeuraKinesis enhances the motivation of both staff and patients.

Our Team

Siarhei Kulpeksha
Founder & CEO

Company founder, father of our goals and values, nurtured team talents.

Alex Smirnov
MD, PhD, project consultant partner, developer of the unique

Clever Point neurophysiological feedback technology used in the NeuraKinesis project.

Hanna Maroz
PhD, project partner, startup accelerator manager

For Hanna there is no word "impossible". She claims that the impossible will take her a little longer.

Max Gorbatsevich
business development consultant, CEO at SAMPLYFY

Highly experienced in MEDICAL IT startups, avoids common pitfalls with expertise.

Evgenijs Curikovs
MD, medical rehabilitation consultant

Medical rehabilitation and sales expert, invaluable in project commercialization understanding.

Eugene Mandrusov
PhD, MBA - head of the development team

If during the day you hear more than five words from Evgeny, you are very lucky. Do not distract him for nothing.

Vyacheslau Cipurko
Business analyst

Business process analysis expert, brings fresh perspective, identifies waste, saves time and resources with positive communication.

Andrey Jasukevich
MD, PhD, consultant in the rehabilitation of patients

With vast experience in practical medicine, , Andrey is certainly one of the key links in the project.

Sandra Maria Kaer
Territory sale manager

Great market knowledge, intelligence, and perseverance make Sandra the ideal representative for our technologies.

Elena Kulpeksha
Project coordinator

Elena is the first person to meet at the NeuraKinesis psychophysiological rehabilitation center. Helps to reveal psycho-physiological traits in 30-40 minutes of testing.